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Bake Sale

After Hurricane Ike left his calling card, Carol Schwartz decided to send a different calling card. Carol is a Katy resident, local mom, and small business owner. Not knowing what else to do, she decided to do a bake sale. She baked for days and with the help of her children, Crystal and Jarret, they set up for business with a goal of $500. Neighboring children, Yvonne Goodwyne, Alex Gannon, Olivia Claire, her mom Carole Claire and Halle Williams helped. By noon their goal had been reached and the decision was made to keep selling.

The total amount raised was $966.72, in one day by one dedicated family. Carol then went to Grace Fellowship shelter to donate, only to find out that the shelter has been closed. Grace Fellowship referred her to Erin Cox, a church member, who was doing a clothing/book drive for O’Connell Senior High School on Galveston Island. Erin was working with Cornerstone Presbyterian, The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch and to meet the urgent need.

The money will be used to provide gift cards to help the children and the families most in need from the hurricane. One family, one group of average, ordinary, everyday superheroes making a difference, one cookie at a time.