Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike Work Days

The Greater Houston area is still suffering from damage caused from Hurricane Ike.  The damage is extensive and work is expected to be on-going for at least the next year.  The Greater Houston Long Term Recovery Committee, which is a coalition of church, service and volunteer agencies, is looking for volunteers to help repair Ike-damaged homes for low-income families, seniors and disabled people.
We kicked off the repair/rebuild phase with a workday blitz on Saturday, January 24 in Houston’s Fifth Ward. We will holding similar workdays on selected Saturdays at a wide variety of locations throughout this year. Typically, a workday will begin at 8 a.m. with an orientation and light breakfast for volunteers. At 9 a.m., volunteers will be divided into groups and begin work at assigned homes in that particular area.  Lunch will also be provided,  and the workday will end at 4:00 p.m. The focus of assignments will likely vary from workday to workday, but we anticipate that most of the volunteer projects will consist in roof and sheet-rock repair. Volunteers should be able to do heavy lifting and should wear jeans and closed toed boots.

To volunteer, please complete the online-submittable Volunteer Intake/Skill Sheet.  If  you have any questions, please call the VRC at 713-964-0299 or email them at

For general information for Hurricane Recovery Volunteers,  as well as information of special importance to out-of-state volunteers, please click here
Repair and rebuild projects will be on-going throughout the next year.  Volunteers will be needed who can put up sheet-rock, as well as roofers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and HVAC. Projects can be 1/2-day or longer.  To volunteer on other project days please contact the Greater Houston VRC to register.