Katy ServeFest Fall 2014 Results

We had over 125 volunteers serving at five different locations during our Fall Katy ServeFest 2014.  Volunteers did landscaping at Fort Bend Women’s Center. We had volunteers at Penny Wise, a resale store that helps support Fort Bend Women’s Center, sorting incoming donations.  There were many at Christ Clinic working on electrical and plumbing projects while next door at KCM Resale store, volunteers were helping with general maintenance.   We also had a good number of young people volunteer to serve at YMCA’s Camp Cinco with trail maintenance and spreading new mulch.

It is amazing to see all the work that took place in one Saturday in Katy. Our volunteers were a transformational presence in our community and we are so grateful for them

For Katy ServeFest 2015, we will be serving at YMCA’s Camp Cinco. ServeFest 2015 will be happening at the end of February.  More details will be coming as that date approaches.