Krause Children’s Center and Hurricane Ike

Hello Wonderful Volunteers, Mentors and Caring Community!

We care about you- I hope all of you are well and your families are safe from Hurricane “Ike.” We are very concerned and hope if any of you have sustained loss or damage that you will let me know how you are doing. In these times we want to comfort and show our concern for you!

Caring for yourself and Others- Many of you have needed to take care of your storm damage and family and many of you also have run to the aid of desperate people in flood ravaged areas We at Krause Children’s Center commend your hard work of taking care of storm damage and we celebrate all of your volunteer efforts!

There are also some of you who desire to help with needs that have arisen at Krause from the “ripple effect” of dealing with “Ike.” Listed below are small but significant needs that would be a wonderful way an individual or a group could help donate no matter how small it may seem.

  • Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
  • Deodorant/Men’s and Woman’s (No Alcohol in ingredients)
  • Twin Sheet Sets
  • Socks (Men’s and Lady’s/Ankle or No Show)
  • Underwear (Men-Boxers/Ladies-Modest-Ladies-Sports Bras)
  • Men’s White T-Shirts (Undershirt-in a package)
  • Towel Sets (No Solids, Red, Blue, Black or White)

We have seen GREAT THINGS accomplished through “THE POWER OF ONE” … One person here, one person there, a family, a few people from a church or business. If you have a desire to help us with the above items (no matter how small or big) you will be a blessing to our young people and to the Krause Staff in the aftermath of “Ike.” Mom’s and Dad’s have asked me how they can teach their children how to volunteer, this is an excellent way to begin by going picking up a few items and delivering them to Krause Children’s Center together. You can personally make a difference in the lives of the young people at Krause by purchasing a few of these items and bringing them by the center!!!

Krause News in regards to Hurricane Ike

Krause Children and Staff Evacuated- In the interest of safety 48 Krause Children and 25 Krause Staff members were moved to the LSSS’s Facility in Denton, Our internet was the greater part of last week and my email just became operational on Friday, September 12th. Unexpected cost have arisen relating to keeping our children safe and damage to the center. To find out more about this you can go to our website at

Krause Volunteers became a community of Caring after Ike – The Monday after the storm volunteers began to contact me by text messages and phone calls and provided the initial clean up of the Krause Facility (Trees limbs removed, leaves and fallout were gathered in large quantities disposed). Volunteers selflessly helped organize crafts, board games, basketball, movies and concerts in a display of help, healing and hope to our centers staff and residents to provide relaxation after the rigors of evacuation. Thank you community for caring!

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