Simply Serve, Simply Share.

Our mission for Compassion Katy is simple.

Simply Serve, Simply Share.

Compassion Katy is a group of volunteers serving our community through tangible acts of assistance in our desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. This assistance not only provides basic needs to those less fortunate, it also shares the love, mercy and grace given to us by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  It is a blessing for both recipient and volunteer when Compassion Katy provides for a specific and often basic human need for our neighbors and partnering non-profits in the Katy area. But it is an even greater reward when we can share the reason for our volunteers selflessly providing time, talents and treasures for those less fortunate. The reason is that God created every person with a purpose — to have a personal relationship with Him.

Many think they cannot volunteer with Compassion Katy due to lack of appropriate construction skills or ability to perform repairs. But the volunteer effort that is most valued is the willingness to share time and visit with those who are recipients of assistance. This sharing can be as simple as listening to people’s needs and affirming their worth, but of greater value is engaging them on a more spiritual level, going deeper than the “how are you doing?” conversation. Everyone has an innate desire to feel loved by others, but more specially by their Creator.  Revealing God’s perfect plan of salvation is the sharing Compassion Katy values most.

Remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ who asked, “Do you love me? Tend my sheep!” Come join with Compassion Katy as we meet both practical and spiritual needs!

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